What kind of friend are them?
What kind of friend is this?
I called her at the beginning of the summer
She told me that she is busy with her testing for going to taiwan college so we can not go out together.
and what is this?
on her "blog" is her photo from a graduation trip to taichung and kenting
and she never mentioned it to me
you said you have to study and now you went to taichung and kenting without me when you said you would invite me to go next time
whatever i guess our friendship has ended since i transfer or maybe it was earlier when we stop talking to each other
And the other friend
i guess you are just wearing a fake mask
pretending to be nice to them in front of them
but you say negative stuff about the friend of ours
just like when you said
"what!? you still keep in touch with her?"
"i haven't talk to her for a long time"
sound as if she was not even your friend before
and now you went to the graduation trip
i guess
you were just too LONELY
so you had to find someone
these two kind of friend I don't need

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